Create It Decor Cornice

Style Your Windows in a Day! with Create It Decor Cornice from

Create It Decor Cornice Kit

Create It Decor Cornice Kits very simple to assemble, decorate in the perfect fabric to accent your room  The No Sew Kits are shipped to your door and you can have a new look by the end of the day.
The Create It Décor Cornices come with complete instructions on how to assemble the cornice and fit it to your window.  A Tuck Tool is included to decorate your cornice kit with your accent fabric, also included are the brackets and screws to install your cornice above your window.

The Create It Décor Cornice is available at the Home Sewing Depot.  Your order is shipped within 48 hours right to your front door.

No Sewing Required, just Sealah Tape or a low temp glue gun to assemble the kit.  The no sew kit is the perfect solution for the do-it-yourself decorator.  The cornice is available in 3 heights and can be assembled up to 19 ft long when using the extension kit.   For Bay Windows the bay widow kit is a dream.

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You will love your state of the art, light weight, do-it-yourself window cornices.  This is a professional full return cornice box. No sewing, gluing or stapling is required to decorate the cornice.  It is manufactured from expanded polystyrene (EPS), a very durable and stable product. The cornice boxes are constructed prior to application of fabric using a low temperature hot glue gun or double sided Sealah Tape.  This product is flame retardant, and creates an incredibly strong bond when using a glue gun. Since this is a EPS product, it is light weight and much easier to hang than wood cornices.

Create It Decor Kit fits a 48 Inch wide window and the kit  includes:

  • 3- 16? Sections
  • Two Returns
  • 2 Brackets and Screws
  • Tucking Tool
  • Complete Instructions
  • Available in 9?, 12?, 15? HeightsStyrofoam Cornice Extension Kit

For a wider window we offer Extension Kits and they come with 2 – 16 inch pieces of cornice material and extra bracket.   The cornice kits are available in 9 inch, 12 inch and 15 inch heights.

Create It Decor Bay Window Kit


Create it Decor Bay Window Cornice Kit is perfect for large bay windows or smaller kitchen bay window.  This is the perfect solution for the hard to fit bay window angles.  The Bay cornice insert is bendable for any angle.
We also offer a much better solution for those hard to work with bay window angles.  The Bay Cornice Kit bends and is much easier to


Create it Decor Bay Window Cornice Kit


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