How to Measure Fabric for a Cornice

Not sure about how to measure fabric for your cornice?

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How to Measure Fabric for a CorniceHow to calculate your fabric for your new create it decor cornice.

(When not “Railroading” fabric or when fabric has a repeat pattern)Railroad Fabric

Take the inside width of the cornice plus 27” divided by the width of the fabric times the width of the strip to be used for that rail divided by 36” (1 yard). If there is a pattern repeat, use the repeat as the width of the fabric strip. We encourage railroading (using one long continuous strip) of fabric when you are doing multiple rails of the same fabric. This eliminates dealing with seams.

Example: How to measure fabric for a cornice.

Inside measurement of the cornice is 140”. You are using 54” wide home decorating fabric that you do not want to railroad, but has no pattern repeat.
140” + 27” = 167” divided by 54” (width of fabric)= 3.09 x width of strip which is 12” = 37.08 = 1.03 yards. You would buy 1 ¼ yards of fabric for that rail.

Now use the same example with a 23” pattern repeat:

140” + 27” = 167” divided by 54” = 3.09 x 23” (pattern repeat instead of strip width)= 71.07 divided by 36” = 1.97 yards. You would by 2 yards of fabric.

Remember to add yardage for trims and accessories to be added and always consider if you are inserting your fabric flat, pleated or shirred (gathered). Follow create it decor kit instructions for each of these situations.

For trims take the inside measurement of the cornice and add 27”. You will need that amount for each tuck groove on which you are using trim.

If you are matching fabric as you would wallpaper and do not like the appearance, use a decorative touch such as a folded piece of contrasting fabric, a jabot, etc. to disguise the folded edges of the fabric.

Create it decor cornice kit is great for decorating especially if your are a renter, because you can always take them with next move and readjust for the next window.

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